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Sydney ROCK Training

Sydney KFC ministry conducted a cluster wide R.O.C.K training to prospective YFC youths last 13 June 2015. The training was held at the newly renovated parish hall of the St. John the Evangelist parish in Campbelltown.

The program committee were expecting a dozen to turn up for the training but to their surprise, 32 came to attend. The group was composed of previous ROCKers as well as new attendees willing to give their service to the KFC in our community for future activities and events. The R.O.C.K. or Reach Out Christ to Kids is a program of Kids for Christ that caters to the trainings for facilitators (kuyas and ates) in handling the kids. It develops KFC facilitators to have a solid foundation in the Lord and equip them for the entire program of the KFC ministry. The program also aims to develop facilitator’s hearts that imitate Christ to kids by sharing the 7 KFC core values (prayerful, loving, obedient, respectful, diligent, generous, and honest). Thru the ROCK PROGRAM, facilitators will be guided in their attitude towards the kids.

Full-time pastoral worker for KFC, Dondon Buntod led the training with the assistance of the Sydney KFC coordinators from the 4 different chapters in Sydney. Tito Jay Juan gave the talk on “Bringing Kids to the Lord” while former KFC Coordinator, tita Sheila Buenaagua gave a talk on ““Reach Out Christ to Kids”. Workshops were given by tito Bobby and tita Grace Edmilao, Dondon and Francine Buenaagua from YFC Hawkesbury chapter.

The whole day was capped by several talks, KFC song dances and practice sessions for Kid’s Praise, Creating KFC activities, KFC assembly mock-ups warmly received by the youth participants. Certificates of attendance were given and the whole group had token photos taken after the program.

Looking forward for the next ROCK assembly and service to upcoming KFC activities with these Kuyas and Ate’s around.


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